The Trick to Getting Fit

The amount of times I have googled “how to get fit” it unreal. Like, from the age of 13 I have been wanting to get toned without much success. I’d kind of skate by on the fact that I was thin and go on a jog once in a blue moon. Afterwards I’d feel on top of the world, like this was the start of a new, healthy person that I had just become. But, later that night I’d eat a box of Cheese-Its and think it was fine because I had “worked out” earlier.

Another time, my friend and I hopped the fence of our schools track area because we wanted to do sprints. The plan was going smoothly until she saw hurdles and told me how amazing she was at them. She set up a couple of them and on the first one she hit her shin and flew face first into the ground. We laughed awhile, then hopped the fence to go home and make smoothies, never really paying attention to the fact we hadn’t done anything physical.

The thing is, I feel like the ego LOVES to complicate things. It loves to get your trapped in your mind, chasing your thoughts like a dog chases its tale, and eventually you just go to bed without getting anything accomplished.

I kept half-ass trying, hoping that the motivation to get in shape (and not just talk about it) would find me. Like one day I would wake up with abs and be a gym junkie. But that motivation never found me. It didn’t find me when I got a gym membership (twice) and after the first week gave up. It didn’t find me when I bought a yoga mat and DVD, it didn’t find me when I was knee-deep in donut holes at 3 am thinking I’ll start tomorrow. I finally decided I needed to work at a gym. I got super pumped about the idea, thinking this was finally the ticket. I thought this makes sooo much sense, I’ll be surrounded by health, I’ll be motivated, I’ll work my way up in the company… but then after I had plans for an interview it hit me. I didn’t want to work at a gym, nor did I want to rise up in the company, because that wasn’t my passion. At that moment, it hit me just how much the ego had distracted me from the very simple goal of getting in shape.

And yes, it is a simple goal. Eat clean, be active. But it feels terrifying because you think I don’t know how to eat clean, the work outs to do, the clothing to wear, how often, what about my other commitments… but all of those things are just distractions, and the answers will come in time if you just relax. Just take one baby step at a time. You can work out at home. If you want a simple layout for the first few weeks, here it is. Get past that initial hump of getting started.  Jump roping and walking take care of cardio, there are TONS of free yoga videos online (I like BOHO Beautiful on YouTube), and there are tons of videos for abs, booty, and arms online that require little/no equipment. There is no reason for you not to start now. And I only say that because I have spent about ten years now putting it off, and I just find that ridiculous.

Perhaps one day if I stay consistent, I will get a gym membership if I feel I need it. But, I don’t feel like thinking that far ahead. I just need to do today’s workout. I’m done stalling just because my ego is waiting for “perfect” conditions. It says, “Don’t worry, one day you will wake up and really want to work out and you will love it.” I’m done waiting for that non-existent time to come because the only time is Now.

SO, the trick to getting fit? Simple. Just start. I know you’ve heard it 1,000 times, but that’s because logically, this is really the only way to get where you want to go. So take the first step. And just start.


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