Stop putting so many nuts in your mouth

Ahhh, nuts. Good to put in your mouth, but only in small quantities. I mean, you can only fit so much in your mouth at one time anyways. When I first went vegan, my first thought was “where am I going to get my protein?” I always heard cashews, walnuts, and almonds were a great source-so I loaded up.

I ate tons of cashews and walnuts. I put them in recipes, on apples, and desserts. I also heard they were a good source of fat and they would be good for hair and skin, so I was sold! But, one thing I didn’t count on was my jeans getting a little tighter.


Why, when I was eating so clean, was I putting on weight? The answer was simple. I was sticking to many of those little things in my mouth. Like anything, moderation is key… and I don’t think adding two cups of walnuts to a recipe and eating all of it within two days is moderation, that’s excess. I always heard that if you ate healthy then you could eat as much as you wanted, and for me that turned out to be totally untrue and caused me to put on weight. So, do whatever works for your body, but for me, I had to cut back on the amount I was using. And in all honesty, I didn’t miss the extra nuts at all. In fact, I think my recipes were better without all of them.

I prefer to get my protein from beans, quinoa, a high quality protein powder, spinach… there are a lot of options that give you more protein with far less calories and fat. So, if you are wondering about the nuts you’re sticking in your mouth, remember these few things:

-While they do contain protein, they contain a whole bunch of fat. While it is a good fat, it’s still fat, so don’t eat excessively. Like I mentioned above, there are better sources!

-Buy raw, organic nuts. Buying them after they’ve been dry-roasted and salted kill their nutritional value and make them unhealthy. Plus, all of the extra sodium will make you retain water, which will make you feel bloated.

-Don’t freak out if you think you’ve eaten too many in one day. You’re still doing your best to try to be healthy!

I hope you all have an amazing day!

Much love–Callie


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