One of my favorite passages from “The magic in your mind”

Gooood morning all ❤

I used to feel funny about reading multiple spiritual books. I wondered how many I would need to read to feel like I “got it”, whatever it was. That feeling of peace, possibly, where everything just flows. But then I read a great quote that said something like “people say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- That’s why we recommended daily.” I love that soooo much because I think we do need to remind ourselves of all the good that is in the world. We need to remind ourselves that we are so much more than our ego, and capable of things far beyond our wildest dreams. The passage I added below is from a great book called The Magic in Your Mind by U.S. Anderson. Here it is:

“The sphere of effectiveness that the conscious mind has over the subconscious is this: by it we can choose consciously to become the sort of people we would like to be. We can become courageous and energetic and loyal and trustworthy and full of love and kindness and tolerance by the simple use of our conscious conditioning methods, by concentrating our attention on the things we would like to become, by allowing these impressions to seep down to subconscious levels via our imagination. If we do this continually and with regularity, sooner or later we begin to act and think in just the way that our consciousness is focused upon.” -pg 167

Here’s an extra one:

“The reconditioning (of your mind) can be done only by yourself, and it takes great concentration and continued effort; but there is always the great consolation that in the end you will be the master of your own life.”-pg 166

You are not the story in your mind. That is just past events masquerading around as if it is who you are, but you are so much more than that. You can decide right now to be the person you want to be. To be happy, outgoing, funny or whatever you choose.

Waking up everyday and asking yourself “what is the best version of myself I can be for the next 24 hours” and then living in that altered state will change your life greatly. If you wake up and do that everyday, just watch how much your life will change. Stop thinking of the things you dislike about yourself. Focus on who you want to be, live in that state, and watch the magic happen in your life. Do this each morning, and I guarantee your life a year from now will look vastly different than it does now.


Much love–Callie ❤



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