listening to the signs: goodbye, bartending

For someone that always tells her friends, “listen to the signs the universe” it certainly took me sometime to listen to my own advice. For the last two years, I’ve been trying hard to make bartending work. It’s good money, it’s a fun environment, and you can just flirt around. But it kept seeming that my time doing it was over and I was ready for the next thing. I got some amazing friends and connections out of it, but when it was meant to be over I was gently ushered out.

But for some reason I fought to let it go. I knew deep down I was in the wrong place, but I was scared to let it go because I didn’t know what I would do instead. The universe gave me numerous signs it was time to leave, and I finally listened. I laid awake one night on my back while I stared up at the ceiling and I said:

“Alright, I give it up. But please guide me to what I’m supposed to be doing instead.”

And it did.

One thing I’ve learned is that, whether your answer comes the next second or in a week or in a month-it’ll come. And when it does, get ready, because it will be better than anything you could’ve imagined. I’m not sure where my path will go, but I know that as long as I follow the signs, I’ll be where I’m meant to be.

I love you all so much and hope you had the best night!

Much love–Callie ❤


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