One of the most important travel tips I never read about before traveling

I love traveling. I love everything about it. I love packing, exploring new places, eating delicious food, and roaming around somewhere new and exciting. I devour blogs, articles, and tips that have anything to do with traveling, but one thing I never came across was this:

It matters a lot less where you go, and a lot more who you are with.

I’m sure this isn’t a new idea (well, I know it’s not) but I just see so many posts on “the tops ten items to have on your carry-on” and less about this simple, yet important point.

I have gone to beautiful places with people I didn’t totally click with, making an awkward trip I couldn’t wait to get home from.

And I’ve gone to extremely odd places, with nothing to do, but I was with people I completely adored.

The reason I want to travel isn’t so I can proudly pronounce all of the places I’ve gone and things I’ve done. I want to travel to enjoy the actual experience and fully live in the moment. And going on adventures with friends you love makes the experience so much more intense and intoxicating. Traveling really is about the journey, and it makes for a lot more fun and a lot of laughter if you have awesome people around you along the way!


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