Stop caring

Seriously, stop caring what people think. Stop caring what your ego is telling you. and start listening to your soul. Do what’s best for you, for your soul, and forget about other people. Stop trying to find a relationship and focus on yourself and your career. Have fun with life, make plans and then follow through. Stop thinking everything has to be permanemnt and just enjoy things in the moment.

If you’re seeing a guy, stop wondering where it will go and just enjoy his company for the time being. If you truly enjoy him in the present you will 1.) not settle, because if you are living in the present you wouldn’t want to spend time with someone you didn’t really care about 2.) you won’t stress where is this going… who cares! If you’re having fun with him, just enjoy it. Stop thinking everything has to end in permanence. It doesn’t. Have a blast with him, let him be him, and don’t try to change anything, Have your own life and own thing going on, just let him be like this fun little bonus.

Let people be who they are. If you like them, fantastic! Let them be in your life and enjoy the shit out of them. If you have a million things you wanna change about them, then why are you even hanging out with them?

Enjoy their company for the moment, love their being, and leave it at that. Don’t let your mind wander to where is this going, if he wants a relationship he will eventually ask, and if he doesn’t then why would you wanna force him into one anyway? Don’t you wanna be with someone who loves you for you and actually wants to be with you? And what does a relationship even mean? Can’t we just enjoy someones company without it having to be something grand? Just enjoy them for them and love them in the moment and don’t let your mind wander.

Society tells us that love means marriage, it means your with that person the rest of your life. It tells us (women especially) that we need to have a relationship to be fulfilled and happy. Butttt whyyy? Figure out how to take care of yourself before you expect someone else to come along. And if you do have an idea of your “ideal” mate, then make sure that you are the type of person that would attract a person like that.

The second you are done hanging out with them, go back to your own life. Hang out with your friends, read books, work on your career, eat healthy and stay active. Just let people roam the way they want to, the people who come back really want to be in your life and in your company, how cool is that?!

I could go on and on about this. I just feel like people put so much pressure on ourselves and each other. We think our lives are supposed to look the way society tells us, and that’s a bunch of BS. You don’t want to get married? Cool. You want a huge wedding with a pricess dress and tiara? Awesome. You want kids? Fun. You don’t want them? Great! We have to stop looking at what is best in societies eyes and just do what’s best for us. and this is whats best for me at the moment:

I’m enjoying the sh*t out of life. I am working towards all of my dreams that look more and more like reality every day. I don’t care if I have a relationship or not. For awhile I wanted one because I felt that’s what I was supposed to be doing. but honestly I don’t care. I want to travel, to have fun, to write and work towards my goals. Even if a guy comes into my life, I’d rather just enjoy him in the moments I was with him, to love him totally, and then let go of him and expectations once I left.

Let go of your expectations. Hitch your wagon to the present moment, to the best, happiest, healthiest version of yourself, to your goals. Love yourself, love others, and enjoy life. Stop overthinking, stop with the expectations, just let people be, and let yourself be. I promise your life will be happier because of it. When you stop trying to control everything and just flow with life, that’s when the magic occurs, that’s when all the good in life comes.

Write a list of all the things you wanna do, big and small. Want to learn a language? Go salsa and belly dancing? Go to Paris, Australia? Go on a roadtrip? Have fun with life without caring about the end results. Just do what you wanna do, and don’t care what others think. Be your most authentic self, and your life will be far beyond your wildest dreams.

Much love–Callie


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