The Dollar Experiment

Good night all ❤

I decided I wanted to do something fun and exciting, and a bit… different, I suppose. I wanted to do the dollar experiment, which is something I came up with tonight. I want to take a portion of money (I decided on 10% of my next paycheck), and at the top write sweet little notes like “you are amazing” or “you are beautiful” or “have a magical day”, and then I want to walk around downtown and just hand it out to strangers as I’m walking.

I have absolutely no clue what their reactions will be, and I feel a tiny bit funny just approaching strangers and being like “hey here’s a dollar” but I figure I would totally love it if someone did it for me, so I’m going to do it and see how it goes! It’s called an experiment after all! I’m writing this at 11:01p.m. on 5/11/17, so I will update at the bottom of this post to show how it went!


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