10 Things I learned: James Altucher

I love learning. I love podcasts, books, inspirational videos, things on running your own business, relationships… everything and anything I find interesting. I love expanding my mind and awareness, and have this constant hunger to learn more. So, I decided to start a “10 Things I learned” list. After each book or podcast or whatever, I will write down the top 10 things I’ve learned, so you don’t have to go through hours of material and can get the best nuggets of advice quickly!

10 Things I learned: James Altucher

1.) To do a “10 things I learned list” after learning something new. Write down what you found most valuable and make sure you apply those things to your own life!

2.) Always have “plus, minus, and equal” people around you. The “plus” is people who you can learn from; mentors, YouTubers doing what you wanna do, podcasts, authors… anyone who will enhance you and help you get closer to your ideal life. Your “equal” people are those who are roughly on your same level of learning. People you can have friendly competition. And “minus” people are those whom you can teach. By teaching, we help solidify our own learning.

3.) Find out what you want you want to do in life, and surround yourself with people who are living that kind of life. If you don’t know anyone personally, seek them out online and fill your mind with their advice and tips on how they got to where they are.

4.) We are always in the process of reinventing ourselves, but we don’t realize it until we really decide what parts of ourselves/our lives we want to reinvent. Decide who you wanna be, who do you wanna be like, and then study people with those qualities.

5.) Live in the moment. Give up anything that is cluttering up your life/mind.

6.) If you’re interested in something, just go for it. Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.

7.) “End, fog, beginning”- Our transformation stories usually follow the same pattern of end, fog, beginning. The end of the old us, the person we used to be. The fog is the period of time we are trying to figure our who we are and what to do next in our lives.  And the beginning is the new us.

8.) Don’t charge for things in your business at first (if it’s like a blog or something). Just build a site with a lot of good content. Have a vision of what the ideal world would look like and write from that place (and make sure that you can reference it back to yourself personally).

9.) Post your articles on as many mediums as possible; Linkeden, Facebook, guest post, do podcasts, write a book, YouTube… get yourself out there as much as possible. Build an email list. Email list’s + a lot of good content = success.

10.) Try to “better” yourself 1% everyday in the health of your mind, body, spirit, and creativity. Obviously, “better” is subjective, so just base it off of whatever it means to you.

I hope you enjoyed this list and took something valuable away that will help you in creating a life you love!

Much love–Callie ❤



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