4 Tips for AMAZING Hair.

Last summer when my health hit it’s lowest point, I lost about a third of my hair. I cried repeatedly over it and was scared because I didn’t understand why it was happening. I watched my long, thick blonde hair go many inches shorter and thinner. It was choppy, breaking, and dry. My ends wouldn’t stop splitting. I colored it brown because continuous coloring was out of the question at that point, my hair was way to delicate to be lightening it. On top of chronic migraines, nausea, depression and deepening anxiety, I had to deal with this and I felt like I couldn’t handle much more. No doctors could tell me what was wrong. They offered me thyroid medication, even though they weren’t sure if I had a thyroid problem.

So I cried some more and turned to searching online to help. I looked up everything there was to do with hair: what foods to eat, products to use, and reasons why this was happening. STRESS is one of the worst things you can do if you want healthy hair, and so I knew I had to just breathe and be patient. I knew I’d find answers, I knew it would grow back thicker than ever, and I knew everything would be all right. So, here are a list of things you can do for healthy hair. If you are trying to grow your hair or had health issues or simply want a thicker head of hair, then read on. And please, be patient.

Believe me when I tell you that everything really will be okay, I promise. Just breathe. This is a small list, I will do a much more extensive one or series on hair, depending on how all of my research comes together. Obviously I’m not a doctor or a registered dietitian. This is just my opinion and things that have worked for me. I want to share what I’ve found so it may help someone else out there<3

From following these steps my hair has improved SO much! And it wasn’t overnight. But my hair has grown in so much thicker and shinier than it ever has before. This is a process, so if you’re up for it read on.

So, with further adewwww. Here is my list of things you can do for healthy hair:

1.) STOP STRESSING-Stress is the numero uno thing to do if you want thin, weak hair. And honestly, who wants that? Nobody. That’s who. It’s easy for your mind to run wild with constant worst case scenarios, deadlines you have to meet, work, school, relationships, but if you want healthy hair, body, and life then you need to drop stress. I will write a whole other article on stress. Some simple tips are meditation (my favorite), breathing techniques, walking in nature, putting on a funny show, reading a book, working out, do yoga or talking to a friend/family member. FORGIVE yourself for feeling stressed, because if you stress about being stressed you’ll only create more stress and that’s just too much stress.

2.) LOVE YOURSELF- Okay, I know this is everywhere and your reaction may be “that’s easier said than done” but stick with me. When I first found all this love yourself stuff I thought it would be an overnight dealio. And when it wasn’t I panicked and wondered what I did wrong. I didn’t realize it was a daily ritual you had to begin. But after awhile I really did begin loving myself. I mean, I totally adore myself. And it’s not in a cocky way, but I just spent so much time focusing on negatives and being insecure. I had thoughts of self harm, depression, and anxiety because of things I was creating in my own mind. It’s OKAY to love yourself, you are absolutely amazing and deserve all of the blessings, beauty, and greatness the world has to offer. You’re a product of the universe, specially created, magnificent and wonderful. You are perfect and beautiful. You are a bundle of love. I read in Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstien that it’s important to “ask the universe to release any fear blocks that are keeping you from love”. Your hair will grow in wonderfully, be patient and love yourself now.


–SEAWEED. Markus Rothkranz has a product called IRISH MOSS and it works wonders for hair. You get A BUNCH in the bag and it lasts awhile. I’ve done a lot of things to help my hair, like cleaning my diet, being more gentle with it, but I think the SEAWEED is one of the biggest game changers for it.

–SWEET POTATOS. I used to totally dislike sweet potatoes. I liked white potatoes filled with butter, cheese, and salt… but that’s not ideal for health so I changed up what I ate. Sweet potatoes are AMAZING with coconut oil and one of my favorite snacks now. I also love to have them mixed with a white potato with a little added Celtic sea salt (don’t use table salt) and coconut oil.

-WALNUTS. If you want a fricken bomb recipe that has tons of walnuts, go to Minimalist Bakers website and make her grillable black bean burgers. They are FANTASTIC and filled with fiber, protein, and they will make your heart sing. I don’t add onion to mine, but to each their own.


4.) WHAT TO USE (and not use)-

-Products. Stay away from Shampoos/products with Sodium Loral Sulfate. I used to dislike natural shampoos because I thought they made my hair oily but after many trial and errors I found some I like. JASON brand has good products that don’t weigh my hair down (and they are cruelty free:)) Keep your scalp clean from toxic mousses and products.

-Brush your hair/rub your scalp. This will stimulate your scalp and get the blood pumping to it.

-Get regular trims. Ditch those split ends. I know it’s annoying to feel like you grow out your hair just to get it trimmed off but before you know it, it will be long and thick again. Your hair will also look way better and healthier because of it.

-Ditch elastic hair ties. I used to tie my hair up ALL the time. Top Knots and pony tails were a simple solution when i didn’t want to style my hair. But those ties are quite damaging and break your hair. I use a clip now. If you really need to tie it back, try a gentle band or scrunchie.

I hope this simple list helped! If you have any questions leave comments below. Or if you have any of your own advice I would love to hear it:) Or if you just need some love then let me know and I’ll send some to you through the computer ❤ I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are.

Much love<3 Callie