Why it’s Stupid to Have Guilt Over Having Depression

My depression used to be incredibly severe. My mounting anxiety sucked. But on top of all of that, I had tremendous guilt I even had depression. I had no reason to be depressed. I had a loving family, a working body, a house, food, life was good. So, I didn’t think I had any right to feel depressed. I wasn’t sitting there thinking having a pity party about my sadness. I was a lot harder on myself, telling myself to snap out of it, that I didn’t have any reason/right to be feeling that way.

But that only made it worse. And what I finally realized was that it’s perfectly okay to feel depressed, even if you don’t see an external reason. It’s okay to sometimes feel separate, alone, anxious, sad… we are human, so we should give ourselves a break. Give yourself some love instead of criticism, and slowly you’ll find your way out of it. Here are some tips that helped me get rid of mine… and it doesn’t mean that I don’t still have moments of utter confusion or sadness, but there a lot less frequent.

1.) Change your diet. Processed foods, animal products, and crap fuel for your body will bog you down and make you feel crappy.

2.) Exercise. I would perpetually get super excited for my new workout routine, only to follow it for about a week and then give up. But then I decided to start smaller. Set your goal to walk 3-4 times a week, a mile each time. Build up your routine little by little to make sure it sticks, just make sure you’re moving and getting fresh air.

3.) Get tested for metal toxicity. I had toxic levels of aluminum in my system, contributing a lot to my depression and anxiety. I got rid of it naturally by taking holistic medicine.

4.) Meditate. Sometimes clearing your head (or quieting the constant chatter just a bit) can help you get out of the suffocating thoughts and gain a little perspective on everything.

5.) Breathe. Sometimes when we feel anxiety or deep sadness we forget to take deep breaths. By breathing deeply you ground yourself and bring yourself back to the present moment.

I know all of these tips are simple, but they work. I know, because I’ve done them all and it has helped me immensely. Make sure to remember to give yourself a break and lots of love.

–Much love–Callie



It’s awesome to feel good

Eating healthy has so many amazing benefits. I love having energy, clear skin, strong hair, and waking up feeling refreshed.

I remember I used to have chronic fatigue. I could get ten hours of sleep at night, then wake up tired, and want four naps a day before inevitably passing out quickly at night. I wasn’t lazy, I was exhausted, and confused, because I knew I was getting tons of sleep, so why on earth would I be tired?

The answer: my diet.

Food has such a ridiculous impact on our lives. It really is the thing you need to focus on if you want to get your health in order. Physical exercise is definitely important, but if you are going to change one thing about your current lifestyle, let it be the way you eat.

I will start making more posts on what I eat in a day, and I will be starting a YouTube channel where you can find tips and quick, easy recipe ideas. I’m not one to want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen if I don’t have to, so I like things that are delicious and quick and full of nutrients. I just want you to feel good and amazing. It may seem like a long process now, but if you stick with it, I promise it’ll be worth it ❤

Kick the cravings: Pina Colada Nice Cream Recipe

Cravings can be the worstttt. Earlier I wanted junk food so badly. I wanted pizza, bread, cheese, macaroons, champagne, chips… and my mind was extremely convincing. These slick little thoughts would creep into my head that sounded something like this:

Come onnnn. Just go get some junk food… it’s just a little bit. Who cares? Mmmm, it’ll taste soooo good. Just gooooo. It’s fine. You eat clean, go eat some of that stuff, it doesn’t matter.”

And, I nearly gave in. And it wasn’t thinking about calories that stopped me (I don’t care about that), it wasn’t the laziness of not wanting to drive to the store, and it wasn’t the fact I am telling myself everything I eat has to be healthy. I don’t care if I treat myself sometimes, life is meant to be enjoyed, but here is the thing…

It wouldn’t be treating myself.

Waking up with a headache, no energy, brain fog and a few blemishes doesn’t sound like a treat to me. There are plenty of times I’ve made a healthier alternative to some of my favorite foods, and I wish I would have had them on hand… but I didn’t, so I improvised and ended up with a delicious treat.

Instead of devouring a ton of greasy food and feeling like crap in the morning, I made pina colada ice cream (I’m even enjoying it now!)

So, don’t give into your cravings. I know they are convincing, but kindly show them the door. You’ll feel better tomorrow if you eat something that’s actually a healthy treat instead of some greasy dough. And the best part about these healthy “desserts” is that they are amazing for you. You get to kick your cravings andddd feel and look great. Win winnnn.


1/3 cup pineapple

1/3 cup mango

1/4 cup coconut water

2 tbs coconut flakes (plus more for garnish)

1 tbs hemp seeds

1 date

*Blend everything together and enjoy ❤

Virgin Mojito


Ahhh, “non-alcoholic” alcoholic drinks. I used to be annoyed with these and would wonder why anyone would order it without alcohol. But, now I’m one of them. I’m not saying you need to give up drinking or anything, but since my body is still straightening itself out, I don’t feel like adding something like booze into the mix.  But since I dooo love a refreshing mojito, I decided to throw up a quick, easy, and delicious recipe for you to enjoy on a warm summer day.


12 oz club soda

5 fresh mint leaves

juice of half a lime

dash of stevia (depending on how sweet you want it)

Optional: Lime wedge for garnish

Wet the mint under water and slap it against your wrist (it releases more flavor, learned this trick while I was a bartended and made bomb mojitos). Place mint, lime juice, and stevia into a glass and muddle for about thirty seconds. Muddling by using a spoon or some object to press mint around/break it up.

Add ice, top with club soda, and enjoy ❤

Feeling sick

Well, this sucks. I have been nausea free for a couple months but I’ve felt it in strong waves the last few days. I have these amazing opportunities right now, all lining up like perfectly, and I’m hit with this old, familiar feeling of complete sickness.

To be honest, it sucks. Part of my mind goes to fear and wants to get scared. It starts debating if these new, amazing things are the cause. Possible self-sabotage? No. Could my stomach be messed up again? Unlikely. Is it the flu? I don’t think… I am not sure what is causing it. But I’m trying to focus on not letting the fear go to my mind.

This post isn’t about having a pity party (though it may seem that way) instead, it’s a simple message for anyone out there who feels like sometimes they take one step forward and two steps back. For the person trying really hard to be healthy, to get well, only to feel like you hit a plateau or have an off day (or week).

This post is about staying strong and positive, even when we are scared and filled with uncertainty. It’s about keeping faith that the universe has a better plan for us than our egos do. And it’s about remembering to let go of trying to control everything and just to float with the current.

Keep moving forward, don’t let fear go to your mind, and enjoy your life. Things will get better, even if the progress seems slow, but I promise it will ❤



Self-love Affirmations

Hi all!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about self-love, and I’ve come to realize that one of the main purposes of this blog is to help you be totally in love with yourself. Obviously, I’m not talking about some narcissistic, ego version of that, like thinking you’re better or worse than anyone… but I mean a real self-love that comes from somewhere deep within.

I feel like so much time gets wasted focusing on our insecurities. And for what? Why do we make ourselves feel shitty because we don’t look exactly like we think we should? Why do we endlessly compare ourselves to others? It’s a huge waste of time, and honestly it’s an insult to yourself. You’re already perfect, beautiful, sexy, and feminine. You just need to see it for yourself.

Image how much time and energy you would save if you decided today that you totally loved yourself. You’d be able to go anywhere you wanted and feel great about yourself. You wouldn’t worry about others validating your self-worth, because you’d already be filled up with all of the validation and love for yourself.

Believe me when I tell you that being insecure is just a bottomless pit. Looking to others to make you feel better will never be enough for the ego, because it’s not really there love you’re seeking, it’s your own.

Love yourself exactly as you are and stop comparing yourself to others.

Be who you are, try different things, and know it’s okay to be you.

I’m a big believer in affirmations. So, instead of letting your mind run wild today with negativity, try thinking these things instead:

(Note: In the beginning, it may feel weird to be telling yourself these things, but that is only because you are so used to being hard on yourself. Keep up with the affirmations, and before you know it, you’ll start to feel it for yourself!

-I love myself

-I am the epitome of feminine beauty and sexuality

-I am lovable

-I am worthy of love/happiness/greatness

-I am beautiful

-I am happy

-I believe in myself

-I am wanted everywhere I go

-Everyone loves me

-I bring light and love to everyone I meet


I hope you all have a wonderful day!


–Much love, Callie ❤

How I got rid of my horrible menstrual cramps

I didn’t get my period until I was like 16-17 and I don’t remember having very bad cramps for the first few years. Then, like two years ago I started having worse and worse cramps.

They were awful. It felt like someone was trying to stab their way out of my lower abdominal with a knife. Sometimes the pain would be so bad I would throw up. For the first two days of my period, I would be in bed with a heating pad, taking pain killers, or crouched over in the shower while hot water hit my lower back.

I didn’t know why they continued to get worse until recently. After I changed my diet to plant-based my cramps nearly disappeared. I finally linked the fact that my cramps got worse and worse two years ago because I was having way more dairy. I loved pizza and was eating it multiple times a week. I also loved cheese and would eat ice cream occasionally.

I had heard that dairy was linked to more painful cycles, so I cut out the pizza and just had cheese occasionally. I figured my next period would be pain-free.

It wasn’t.

If you want pain free periods, here is my advice:

#1 CUT OUT ALL DAIRY. Dairy is horrible for a number of reasons, but I won’t get into all of them now. I am proof that if you cut this crap out, your cycles will be so much more tolerable. A vlogger named Raw Alignment has a video about birth control up on her YouTube site and near the end of it she talks about bad periods. It took her 2-3 cylces of clean eating for her pain to leave. So, just stick with it and your periods will be a breeze.

#2 CUT OUT PROCESSED FOODS. I know it’s hard when it’s that time of the month and you’re craving junk, but don’t do it to yourself. It will make your period worse.

#3 EXERCISE/YOGA. You don’t have to be a fitness nut, but it definitely helps to move and stretch your body.

I’m sure there are tons of ways out there to help your cramps, but these are what worked for me. It’s so relieving to know I don’t have to be scared of it anymore. I hated when I would get close to the beginning of my cycle and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go into work or not. Hopefully, if you have bad cramps, you can get relief with these easy steps!


If you are in the beginning stages of cleaning up your diet and your cramps are still bad, try this:

#1-Heating pad. These things were lifesavers for me when I was on my period. It does make you bleed more, so just be aware of that.

#2-Ginger. Add 1/2 a tsp of ginger to warm water and drink. It’s a little spicy but helps relieve pain naturally.

#3-Breathe Deep. Put on a meditation video (YouTube has a bunch of free ones).


I hope this helped!


Much love–Callie