What Do You Feel Best Doing?

Good morning all ❤ I hope your days started off bright and sunny!

For awhile, I wondered why I didn’t really enjoy going out to bars every weekend and getting drunk. I wondered why I had more fun doing yoga or reading a good book, cooking or talking with friends. I felt like there was something wrong with the fact I wasn’t looking to party all the time. ( I know I probably write about this all the time, but oh well). Even when I did try it, it never quite cracked up to that Instagram version of fun (you know, the totally fake one, but still I think a small part of it believes it’s real on someee level).

But, the more I just follow my heart, the happier I am doing the simpler things. I have genuine fun in having deep conversations for hours, trying out new recipes, or doing yoga or walking outside. It’s almost summer now, and the air smells like a mix between bonfires and fresh bloomed flowers. When I am out there with that scent, feeling the warm air softly blowing against me, I feel peace and a huge rush of happiness. It’s simple, it doesn’t require thought, it is just beautiful, refreshing, and serene.

I am happy. And I find everyday happiness in the simplest things. I think we kind of miss out on seeing it sometimes, when our minds are racing and we are on a quest to find happiness. Our egos try to tell us happiness is this elaborate and complicated thing to come by, and that we have to be out doing crazy, picture perfect things in order to obtain it. We have to buy numerous things, have this many likes, have this many friends, be so exotic that you’ve traveled the country three times already… basically our egos tell us that enough is never enough, and that we are never enough.

And that’s why it’s so funny that there is such fulfillment and happiness in the simple, little things. It’s not about going off and doing something crazy, it’s about those midnight talks on the couch with someone you love, or the smell of coffee in the morning, the fresh air hugging your skin, the blueness of the sky. There is love, beauty, and happiness in those simple things. And maybe I just sound like a crazy hippie to you, and that’s cool I don’t really care. I’m just telling you about my experience.

Because I’ve been the girl who strived, strived, strived or more, more, more experiences but every time I was left feeling more depressed and unfulfilled. I’m finding more and more happiness in the little things, so I thought I’d share this so you can find them too.

And I just want to make it clear that I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying new things, traveling the world three times, or buying what you want. Those things can be fun, they just won’t fill up that feeling like enough will never be enough, because that’s an ego trap. Just listen to your heart, and know that you are already enough. When you fill filled up with love already, you don’t have to go out searching everywhere for it, it’s in you. So, then when you do go off on an adventure, you’ll already be happy, instead of going on a trip to prove something to yourself or to try to find happiness out there. (I’ve don’t that too, and the trips ended up not being fun at all).

Just know that you are enough. And that some of the most wonderful things in life are the simplest.

What do you feel your best doing?

Much love–Callie


A Poem: Phenomenal Woman

I read a poem recently and it quickly became one of my favorites so I thought I would share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did ❤

Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
They try so much
But they can’t touch
My inner mystery.
When I try to show them,
They say they still can’t see.
I say,
It’s in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,
The grace of my style.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing,
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It’s in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need for my care.
’Cause I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
–Much love, Callie ❤

A Few Important Quotes from ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’

“I came to the startling realization that if there really is no reason to do anything, then there is also no reason not to do anything; that in the face of the inevitability of death, there is no reason to ever give in to one’s fear of embarrassment or shame, since it’s all just a bunch of nothingness anyway, and that by spending the majority of my short life avoiding what was painful and uncomfortable, I had essentially been avoiding being alive at all.”

“There is nothing to be afraid of. Ever.”

“Dogs don’t sit around and worry about their career. Cats don’t think about their past mistakes or wonder what would have happened if they’d done something differently. Monkey don’t argue over future possibilities, just as fish don’t sit around wondering if other fish would like them more if they had longer fins.”

“We feel bad for feeling bad. We get angry about getting angry. We get anxious about feeling anxious. What is wrong with me?”

Why it’s Stupid to Have Guilt Over Having Depression

My depression used to be incredibly severe. My mounting anxiety sucked. But on top of all of that, I had tremendous guilt I even had depression. I had no reason to be depressed. I had a loving family, a working body, a house, food, life was good. So, I didn’t think I had any right to feel depressed. I wasn’t sitting there thinking having a pity party about my sadness. I was a lot harder on myself, telling myself to snap out of it, that I didn’t have any reason/right to be feeling that way.

But that only made it worse. And what I finally realized was that it’s perfectly okay to feel depressed, even if you don’t see an external reason. It’s okay to sometimes feel separate, alone, anxious, sad… we are human, so we should give ourselves a break. Give yourself some love instead of criticism, and slowly you’ll find your way out of it. Here are some tips that helped me get rid of mine… and it doesn’t mean that I don’t still have moments of utter confusion or sadness, but there a lot less frequent.

1.) Change your diet. Processed foods, animal products, and crap fuel for your body will bog you down and make you feel crappy.

2.) Exercise. I would perpetually get super excited for my new workout routine, only to follow it for about a week and then give up. But then I decided to start smaller. Set your goal to walk 3-4 times a week, a mile each time. Build up your routine little by little to make sure it sticks, just make sure you’re moving and getting fresh air.

3.) Get tested for metal toxicity. I had toxic levels of aluminum in my system, contributing a lot to my depression and anxiety. I got rid of it naturally by taking holistic medicine.

4.) Meditate. Sometimes clearing your head (or quieting the constant chatter just a bit) can help you get out of the suffocating thoughts and gain a little perspective on everything.

5.) Breathe. Sometimes when we feel anxiety or deep sadness we forget to take deep breaths. By breathing deeply you ground yourself and bring yourself back to the present moment.

I know all of these tips are simple, but they work. I know, because I’ve done them all and it has helped me immensely. Make sure to remember to give yourself a break and lots of love.

–Much love–Callie


Things that come up when your an intro/extrovert

For the first time in what felt like awhile (probably a few months) I went out drinking with friends. I didn’t drink that much, maybe like one and a half vodka sodas, but I found myself with that old familiar feeling of not really enjoying myself. Some of the night was fun, but I just kinda felt like I’d rather be elsewhere. I found myself thinking of another friend whom I have fun conversations with all the time, and I feel calm and happy in their presence. So, I left the bar to hang out with that person instead. We listened to music and hung out until like 5am, and it was awesome.

But the question remains: Why is there still a tiny part of me that feels weird that I don’t enjoy going out and clubbing? Why is there a little part of me that is bothered by that?

I honestly don’t know. It could be the ego, it could be that it’s just not my thing, but it does help that I’ve stopped looking at social media. Even though we are aware it’s all fake, we still think we are the odd ones for not living up to the expectations we set for ourselves, based on what other people are doing.

I think part of the “problem” is that I’m an intro/extrovert. I love hanging out with people, talking to them, getting to know about their lives-and I assume since I love people, that I should love going out and drinking at clubs. But just because you enjoy socializing doesn’t mean it has to only be done by going out to bars. There are numerous other ways to fulfill your extrovert needs, without being in situations that aren’t really your thing.

So, don’t feel weird if you don’t enjoy what the majority of people are into. Just do your own thing and you’ll find the happiness you’ve been looking for. And if you slip off the path once in awhile, don’t sweat it. I do it, other people do it, it’s human nature. Stop being so hard on yourself and just enjoy your life.

-Much love–Callie ❤

10 Things I learned: James Altucher

I love learning. I love podcasts, books, inspirational videos, things on running your own business, relationships… everything and anything I find interesting. I love expanding my mind and awareness, and have this constant hunger to learn more. So, I decided to start a “10 Things I learned” list. After each book or podcast or whatever, I will write down the top 10 things I’ve learned, so you don’t have to go through hours of material and can get the best nuggets of advice quickly!

10 Things I learned: James Altucher

1.) To do a “10 things I learned list” after learning something new. Write down what you found most valuable and make sure you apply those things to your own life!

2.) Always have “plus, minus, and equal” people around you. The “plus” is people who you can learn from; mentors, YouTubers doing what you wanna do, podcasts, authors… anyone who will enhance you and help you get closer to your ideal life. Your “equal” people are those who are roughly on your same level of learning. People you can have friendly competition. And “minus” people are those whom you can teach. By teaching, we help solidify our own learning.

3.) Find out what you want you want to do in life, and surround yourself with people who are living that kind of life. If you don’t know anyone personally, seek them out online and fill your mind with their advice and tips on how they got to where they are.

4.) We are always in the process of reinventing ourselves, but we don’t realize it until we really decide what parts of ourselves/our lives we want to reinvent. Decide who you wanna be, who do you wanna be like, and then study people with those qualities.

5.) Live in the moment. Give up anything that is cluttering up your life/mind.

6.) If you’re interested in something, just go for it. Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.

7.) “End, fog, beginning”- Our transformation stories usually follow the same pattern of end, fog, beginning. The end of the old us, the person we used to be. The fog is the period of time we are trying to figure our who we are and what to do next in our lives.  And the beginning is the new us.

8.) Don’t charge for things in your business at first (if it’s like a blog or something). Just build a site with a lot of good content. Have a vision of what the ideal world would look like and write from that place (and make sure that you can reference it back to yourself personally).

9.) Post your articles on as many mediums as possible; Linkeden, Facebook, guest post, do podcasts, write a book, YouTube… get yourself out there as much as possible. Build an email list. Email list’s + a lot of good content = success.

10.) Try to “better” yourself 1% everyday in the health of your mind, body, spirit, and creativity. Obviously, “better” is subjective, so just base it off of whatever it means to you.

I hope you enjoyed this list and took something valuable away that will help you in creating a life you love!

Much love–Callie ❤


The Dollar Experiment

Good night all ❤

I decided I wanted to do something fun and exciting, and a bit… different, I suppose. I wanted to do the dollar experiment, which is something I came up with tonight. I want to take a portion of money (I decided on 10% of my next paycheck), and at the top write sweet little notes like “you are amazing” or “you are beautiful” or “have a magical day”, and then I want to walk around downtown and just hand it out to strangers as I’m walking.

I have absolutely no clue what their reactions will be, and I feel a tiny bit funny just approaching strangers and being like “hey here’s a dollar” but I figure I would totally love it if someone did it for me, so I’m going to do it and see how it goes! It’s called an experiment after all! I’m writing this at 11:01p.m. on 5/11/17, so I will update at the bottom of this post to show how it went!